Kimba's Coaching

 Using my experience as your mentor, we will dive into whatever topics are holding you back from achieving your musical goals. I will give you the accountability, motivation and teach you the production knowledge needed to take your skills to the next level.

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Kimba's Academy

Gain access to 100+ video tutorials and courses on how to produce electronic music from start-to-finish including Intermediate & Advanced Course, Creative Tutorials, Mixdown Tutorials, Guest Producer Tutorials and Live Streams.

Gain access to the Kimba's Academy Community Page for ongoing support.

Suited to all producer levels from Beginner-Advanced.

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Ultimate Beginners Course

Follow along step by step as I show you how to finish your first professional song inside Ableton Live.

You'll learn how to use every feature of Ableton Live so that once this course is finished, you can start producing music on your own immediately.

Suited to Beginners

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